There are many legitimate reasons to track Elon Musk's flight coordinates, for example to offer him ads more relevant to his interests

As a resident, a radiology partnership can seem so mysterious. Today, I will reveal the truth about what partners discuss!

Check out today's blog: What Really Goes On At A Radiology Practice Partners' Meeting?

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Three years ago, I did not understand why there were sometimes so many formulas in some papers. Now that I have to do all of that myself, my reading notes certainly have shifted in quality …

P.S.: God bless #MathTeX

Around 670 million light-years away, two galaxies were distorted by gravity and twisted into a colossal ring, leaving their cores nestled side by side – as seen in this image taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

This image comes from a selection of Hubble observations designed to create a list of intriguing targets for follow-up observations with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, as well as other ground-based telescopes:

From a resident perspective, the job market is white hot. But what happens if this radiologist shortage crunch continues? It's not all good!

Take a look at today's blog: Radiology Practices Feeling The National Radiologist Shortage Crunch!

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Latest image of our neighbor planet 'Mars' by Perseverance rover

MRI Reveals Significant Brain Abnormalities Post-COVID

📌 Researchers identified changes to the brain stem and frontal lobe in patients up to six months after they recovered from #COVID19.
📌 The affected brain regions are linked with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and cognitive problems.
📌Susceptibility-weighted MRI aids in the detection and monitoring of a host of neurologic conditions

V838 Monocerotis Variable star in the Monoceros constellation by Hubble telescope #NASA #ESA #Hubble #space #Universe

Hello everybody!!! I've finished my last work. It's been very hard.. 😅 One month to process 1 Terabyte of data....
This is a portion of a big mosaic of the last partial eclipse of the sun. I edited more than 25 panels obtained from 25 consecutive movies taken with my 115/800mm refractor + Daystar quark prominence + asi183mm camera.

The whole image and some other info about the image on my website.
Alessandro Ravagnin

The overall winner of the 2022 Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest was this picture of Comet Leonard, called Disconnection Event. (Image credit Gherard Rhemann)

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