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The underrated advantage of Mastodon is that being in the "fediverse" makes you sound like you're on Star Trek

An abusive surgeon stomps into the reading room, cursing/behaving unprofessionally. Here are the rules of the road for the rads resident!

Check out today's blog: Dealing With The Abusive Nighttime Physician: Rules Of The Road

Here is the URL:

Once heard a wise urologist describe your building practice is like a growing fire

At first it’s small and sparks.. you just want it to grow

Then for a brief moment it’s manageable

Then it’s a giant blaze that you can’t escape

After a couple of days on #Mastodon I’m very impressed & excited to be part of this growing community! #mastodonmigration

My only humble suggestion is that it needs more tardigrades aka "water bears."

Tardigrades have survived every mass #extinction on Earth since they evolved about a 1/2 billion years ago. There are ~1,300 known species. And millions of years from now, they won’t even notice we’re gone. #SharedPlanet

U.S. politics 

It's appealing to declare, "Trump's done."


Many of his ardent followers still support him and he had very little GOP support going into the 2016 race.

BUT #Trump has lost the ability to be the new guy and outsider. Now he's the establishment who failed to achieve the changes he promised his base.

Big picture: Two years is forever in politics. Any predictions and hot takes you see now are less than speculation. They're fantasy and clickbait. Don't believe the hype.

Crossposting from Twitter as this slide is immense and has been on my mind all day

“Americans have been trained for 100 years to think that the hospital is the best place to be, the safest place. But we have strong evidence that the outcomes are actually better at home.”
The hospital-at-home movement is just getting started

Another trial of automated EF measurements, limits of agreement +- about 20% seems less than tolerable. Off course, always a question how much error there is in the reference standard too. #echocardiography #ai

Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who have liked, boosted and commented on my images, and to all the new followers I have. It's rather humbling. 😊

Today's shot comes from a magical day in the Scottish #Highlands, a few years ago, when I was photographing red squirrels.

These charming characters are incredibly agile and can jump great distances between trees.

Here I managed to capture one as it appears to be flying down my lens.

#redsquirrel #scotland #wildlife #fun

Andrew McCarthy

I TOOK A PHOTO OF MARS! I stayed up til the wee hours this morning when Mars was directly overhead, and used my 11" telescope and took about 160,000 images over a 30 minute period to get this: My best photo of the red planet so far!

It may be fair to note that a bad moderation decision #OnHere is probably due to overworked moderators on a giant server, but let's not pretend that this context mitigates the serious problems that those bad decisions can create for a (relatively) fledging platform.

If someone got wrongfully suspended on old Twitter, they'd probably come back after because that platform still had unparalleled reach. If it happens when they're new here, they probably won't come back at all. That's a big problem.

(Please boost/share with potential PhD candidates)
Very excited to announce that I am looking for #PhD students to work with @ umich CSE. If you're interested in #causality + #machinelearning and would like to spend your PhD years NOT losing half your income on rent, I strongly encourage you to apply to our PhD program

I live in #Norway and the dark season is upon us. If you live in or travel to the right place, that means #northernlights! Sadly, I have not seen any #aurora for a while now, but here are a few pictures I took in #Iceland (first picture) and northern Norway back in 2018

#photography #nature #night

Reflection after a first day in the #Fediverse (and pulling back from the bird): It is fascinating to start to see the extent that #Twitter 's algorithm exploits my brain to crave meaningless urgency over the things I genuinely find interesting and important. And, of course, they do it to sell ads. Missing both the mindlessness and the monetization here is oddly strange at first, but I *really* look forward to that new normal. Hope it lasts.

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